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Online - Workplace Harassment

This course is ideal for employees, employers, and human resources personnel who want to understand and prevent harassment and violence in the workplace. The course defines and discusses both "quid pro quo" sexual harassment and "hostile work environment," giving advice to victims and employers.

In addition, the course covers the timely issues of harassment based on race, religion, and national origin. A substantial portion of the course is devoted to explaining the legal responsibilities and remedies of those affected by workplace harassment

The course discusses EEOC claims, as well as an employer's potential civil liability for harassment by one of its employees.

The next section of the course presents a detailed plan for prevention and damage control, including designing a company policy, investigating claims internally and taking effective, responsive action. The final section of the course deals with the ultimate expression of aggression on the job workplace violence. Employers and HR staff will learn ways to predict violent behavior as well as how to train employees and supervisors to respond to violence in ways that could save lives as well as dollars.

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