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NMLS Uniform State Test

On April 1, 2013 the NMLS began including the Uniform State Test (UST) as a section of the National SAFE Test Component. The UST consists of 25 questions bringing the total number of questions for the National SAFE Test Component to 125 of which 115 will be scored (ten will not be scored.)

The UST gauges applicants on high level state-related content that is based on the SAFE Act and CSBS/AAMR Model State Law (MSL) which was used by many states to implement the SAFE Act.

UST Content Outline

  • Department of Financial Institutions or Mortgage Regulatory Commission
    • Regulatory authority
    • Responsibilities and limitations
  • State Law and Regulation
  • License Law and Regulation
    • Persons required to be licensed
    • Licensee qualifications and application process
    • Grounds for denying a license
    • License maintenance
  • Compliance
    • Prohibited conduct and practices
    • Required conduct
    • Advertising

I'm a new MLO and haven't taken the National Test

After April 1, 2013 you must take the National SAFE Test Component which will include the UST and satisfy the requirements for the states that have adopted it. By doing this you will eliminate the need to pass an exam for those states in the future should you wish to become a licensed MLO in those states.

I've already taken the National Test

If you took the National Test prior to the inclusion of the UST and wish to license in a UST state unfortunately, there is no stand alone UST test. This means you must pass the National Test which now includes that UST exam in order to license in a UST adopted state.

Which states have adopted the UST?

The NMLS maintains a PDF on their website that includes a table of states and their adoption status. Click here to view the UST Adoption Table.

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