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Financial Strategies Employment Application

Personal Information

Are you over 18?

Have you ever
interviewed with
this company or
its affiliates before?

Do you have
any relatives
employed by this
company or its

Employment Desired

Are you currently

Would you like to
work: (check all
that apply).

What times are
you available
to work?


Are you now
a member of
the National Guard?

Skills (not all may be neccessary for the job you seek)
Do you type?

Employment History

List your employment record, starting with the most recent.


Please provide three references (not relatives or previous employers).

Are you currently

If yes, may we contact
your current employer?

Will you be able
to perform the
job functions for
the position you are
applying for with
or without reasonable

Have you ever been
convicted of a crime?

If offered employment,
will you be able to
provide proof of
identity and
authorization to
work in the U.S.?

Applicant Statement

I understand and agree to the following:

This application is not a contract of employment.

Should the employer hire me and should any of the information I have given in this application be found false, misleading, or incomplete, I shall be subject to dismissal.

The employer follows an “at will” employment policy, meaning I or the employer may terminate employment at any time for any reason consistent with applicable law.

All hired persons must provide proof of identity and authorization to work in the US. Failure to produce such proof will result in denial of employment.

I authorize investigation of all statements given on this application. The employer may contact any educational institution, reference, or employer listed on this application, except my current employer if so noted, to verify the information I have given. I hereby release all involved parties from any liability arising from such an investigation.

I certify that all the information given in this application is complete and true.

Authorization for Background Check

(Please read and sign this form in the space provided below. Your written authorization is necessary for completion of the application process.)

I hereby authorize Financial Strategies Mortgage, Inc. and/or Netbility, Inc. to investigate my background and position qualifications.

I understand that Financial Strategies Mortgage, Inc. and/or Netbility, Inc. will utilize an outside firm(s), to assist with the retrieval of this information and are required to provide my date of birth and social security number.

I also understand that I may withhold my permission for the retrieval of such information and that in such a case no investigation will be done and my application for employment will not be processed further.

Date of Birth
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